About Ken

I have mainly been working with legacy systems on IBM mainframe in my professional life, but have quite a bit of experience with network and pc-applications since IT is a private interest in addition to being my livelihood. Being a webmaster a number of years for a local constituency organization, we’re presently in the process of transforming the existing site from a rather static HTML project to a dynamic CMS solution based on Word Press with PHP and MySQL.

Another pet-project is GNU/Linux, which looks very exciting indeed. Starting out with Commodore VIC20 and C64 in the early eighties my subsequent introduction to the “more serious” IT world was the IBM/Intel 8080 line of machinery running the legendary DOS system. Thus experimenting with UNIX/GNU commands in the Shell command prompt is kind of returning to the very start and feels like sort of closing the circle! Ah yes, insert the ‘Twilight Zone’ theme here, please 🙂

Besides IT my main hobbies and interests include Alpine skiing, SCUBA diving (I am a certified CMAS diving instructor), house and gardening, books, film, music and the family. Furthermore, I’ve just acquired my motorcycle driving license, and with the purchase of a Suzuki 500, motorcycling has become yet another hobby!

I am married to Eva from Sweden, who is in the IT business as well, and we live in the countryside some 20 kilometers outside Copenhagen in Sengelose, Taastrup. We have no kids, but love animals and have a couple of cats to keep us company.