2015-2019 : Nordea

Nordea is the largest financial services group in Northern Europe with leading positions within corporate and institutional banking as well as retail banking and private banking. It is also the leading provider of life and pensions products in the Nordic countries. 

Apr 2015 – Jan 2019 Senior IT Developer (IBM mainframe)
Customer CM APM & DS DK
Payment Systems, Clearing and Settlement Systems

2013-2015: MfCo – Mainframe Consulting

After resigning from CSC I started my own enterprise, MfCo. Although my core competencies lie in the mainframe world , I’m no stranger to the client/server platform, part of my business being development of websites. If between mainframe contracts I develop homepages in WordPress/PHP/MySQL, primarily for smaller companies in Denmark. 

Apr 2014 – Mar 2015 Freelance Systems Consultant (Websites)
Customer Smaller companies (Mercasol and KJ Enterprise to name a few)
Development of websites
Task Helping with establishing the domain and being sparring partner regarding presentation of the website. This is followed by the actual development of the homepage, all work is done in close cooperation with site owner.
Result Business oriented homepage with sub-pages developed in WordPress and satisfied customers. The entire concept is pretty basic with menu, logo and sub-pages, and the finished product is 100% within WordPress standards.
Nov 2013 – Apr 2014 Freelance Systems Consultant (IBM mainframe)
Customer BEC – as subcontractor to Zenit
New mortgage lending system (Handelsbanken)
Task Project member participating in development of a brand new and generic solution regarding mortgage handling.
Result Project work, programming and development.
Oct 2013 – Oct 2013 Freelance Systems Consultant (IBM mainframe)
Customer SAS/Tata(TCS)/Volvo – as subcontractor to ProMinds
Task Served as external counsel in a few meetings regarding transition of SAS mainframe tasks to a new provider.
Result Participating in meetings and contributing to brain-storms regarding applications and LPARS

2004-2013: CSC – Computer Science Corporation

CSC is an IT company with cirka 90.000 employees, and provides consulting, systems integration and design, IT and business process outsourcing, applications software, web and application hosting to customers around the world.

Oct 2012 – Sep 2013 Systems Consultant (IBM mainframe)
Customer SKAT – The Danish Ministry of Taxation, Internal Revenue Service
Debitor Restance Handling (Taxation of companies)
Task Participant in the ‘Debitormotor project’ where my role was to facilitate migration of functionality of existing mainframe systems to a server solution.
Additional tasks involved daily maintenance and follow-up regarding day-to-day operations and customer support.
Result Project participation, deliverance of project milestone results, testing and documentation.
May 2005 – Oct 2012 Systems Consultant (IBM mainframe)
Customer SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System)
Communication between airline companies (IATA traffic)
Task Systems responsible regarding development and maintenance, including traffic follw-up and analysis concerning daily traffic patterns and customer support.
Defect handling and adjustment of existing systems. Designing and programming new applications.
Note: The platform (labeled Mesco/MC) handled 250 million messages per year, and was regarded a backbone in the SAS core business.
Result Responsibilities included collection and pricing of traffic/messages that was not automatically accounted for via standard systems. Monthly reporting and feedback to management.
Nov 2002 – May 2005 Systems Consultant (IBM mainframe)
Customer Scandinavian IT Group, respectively CSC
Internal Systems (HR) – Salary and Accounting Systems
Task Responsibilities covered daily schedule and maintenance in addition to migration of existing salary and accounting procedures to a different system.
Result Migration was concluded in 2005 when the new SAP system was implemented. Customer support and project work constituted a large part of the task.

1986-2004: SAS Data – Scandinavian IT Group

SAS Data was originally a department within SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System), but the unit was restructured in 1991 as an individual company called Scandinavian IT Group (the shares owned 100% by SAS). The shares were bought by CSC in 2004 and Scandinavian IT Group continued as a subdivision within CSC Nordic.

Mar 2000 – Nov 2002 Methods Specialist (IBM mainframe and Client/Server)
Customer Internal Systems (Tools & Techniques)
Implementation of new Standard Development tools in the organisation
Task Was part of a small team reporting directly to management in Stockholm. The purpose of the team was to gently terminate existing mainframe development tool (Telon/CA-TDF) while introducing a new tool (Mainframe Express/MFE).
In parallel with development of interfaces, which required programming on both mainframe and server-side, a great deal of our time was used in connection with MFE supplier, MicroFocus, planning the overall deliverance. The majority of this work took place in Copenhagen, but occasional work-sessions in Newburyport, UK was necessary as well.
Result The implementation of the new tool followed the schedule and my primary tasks hereafter was promotion and education regarding the new tool, plus minor adjustments.
The Staff function I was a part of, was dismantled ultimo 2002, thus Mainframe Express was subsequently supported by our infrastructure teams.
Nov 1990 – Mar 2000 Systems Consultant (IBM mainframe)
Customer SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System)
Statistical Systems, Passenger and Revenue Information
Task Project work, development and maintenance, analysis and estimates. Customer relations and support. Programming was Cobol on IBM 370/390. Conversion of PL1 programs/interfaces to Cobol.
Lead of Y2K compliance (‘the year 2000 issue’) concerning my teams portfolio, which consisted of 1400 programs and jobs.
Result Conversion of PL1 programs/interfaces to Cobol. Customer support, project work, daily maintenance and development of business core systems. Y2K securement delivered as scheduled.
Sep 1986 – Nov 1990 Systems Consultant (Unisys mainframe)
Customer SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System)
Operational Aircraft Systems – Seating, Load-control etc.
Task Project work, development and maintenance, analysis and estimates. Customer support. Programming was based on the USAS application suite using FORTRAN on Unisys 1100 and Univac 494.
Result Development of new “Seating and Load Control System”, task was delivered within time and and material plan/scope.